Cutting Karmic Cords & Attachment (Soul Retrieval)


Holistic Therapies - Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Angel Therapy Solihull

For Clients that are suffering from deep seated issues of the past, maybe childhood abuse or bullying, unhealthy relationships that have deeply affected you emotionally, grief or even karmic debt from past lives, Nichola will use a mix of Reiki, Energy Clearing and Soul Retrieval as she takes you on a journey using guided meditation to a healing chapel where you will not only receive healing from the Archangels and Healing Angels, but you will then get an opportunity to come face to face with people or situations that are holding you back in life and with the safety and support of Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael, cut the cords to any negative emotions and receive healing  on a soul level. You will also get an opportunity to speak with a passed loved one or Guardian Angel for Advice.



Nichola will only allow this therapy to take place if she is sure that you’re ready. It sometimes takes several Reiki Treatments prior to such a therapy in order to prepare you and give you the strength needed to truly release yourself from the past and look forward to the future. You need to be ready to forgive….

This has the potential to be truly life changing!       

(Disclaimer: Everyone’s Soul Journey is different. Although Nichola has had some amazing successes with this Therapy, she cannot guarantee any outcomes)      




Holistic Therapies - Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Angel Therapy Solihull

90 Minutes – £80.00




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