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Holistic Therapies - Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Angel Therapy Solihull

The Soul Angels are a growing team of Healers, Therapists, Teachers and small business owners. To book with any of our team please use the links to contact them directly.

If you are a spiritual entrepreneur and are interested in renting a room at our healing centre or hosting an event, please click here to read more.

Kathy White

Serenity Support

Hi, I’m Kathy and I am a Virtual Assistant offering support to spiritual business owners.

With a background in PA, secretarial & marketing, I decided to merge my existing expertise with my own spirituality and values in 2020, and so Serenity Support was born!

There are many different ways in which I can offer support to you, including social media planning & content creation, website & logo design, business development ideas & execution, but most importantly it can take the stress off your shoulders by enabling accountability and strategy, with a little bit of intuitive guidance thrown in!

I work remotely to suit your business’ needs, schedule and budget, sharing inspirations through channelling my own spiritual guidance alongside business & technology knowledge.

If you’d like a free consultation call, please get in touch!

“Bringing Serenity to your Business.”

Rachel Prosser

Piece by Peace Counselling

Hello. My name is Rachel Prosser and I am a Counsellor. I qualified after many years of studying whilst working in other ‘supporting roles’ within big organisations like the NHS. Whilst I enjoyed that work and gained a wealth of ‘hands on’ experience, I felt I wanted to offer a more personal experience. I knew I was passionate about supporting people and wanted to be able to provide a space whereby I could work alongside an individual offering tailored support.

I set up my own private private called Piece by Peace Counselling in 2020. I am fully trained to work with children, young people and adults on a one to one basis as well as working as a Couples Counsellor. I work with many different issues and topics including bereavement and loss, abuse, anxieties and depression, addictions, self harm, trauma and relationships. There is no rule book when it comes to your own therapy, it is more about us both discovering a way which helps and supports you.

Emma Card

Chocolate Box Cottage Cakes

Hi I’m Emma,

The Soul Angels Café manager, Owner, Cake maker and sugar artist of Chocolate-box Cottage Cakes since 2015, I’ve taken a step in a new direction to run the café, Chocolate Box Bakery Kitchen. I’ll be here at The Soul Angels, baking and creating a wide selection of cakes, treats and savoury bakes.

I’m looking forward to the chance of bringing lots of variety, we’ll be offering an ever changing menu, and not to worry if you have dietary restrictions or requirements, as a veggie of several years, you will be able to get lots of vegan and vegetarian treats, gluten and dairy free options too!

Alongside the amazing food and drinks we’ll be offering, you will still be able to order one of my bespoke custom Celebration Cakes, and treat boxes.

Looking forward to seeing you at The Soul Angels.


Tina - Ruth G

To book Tina’s services:

Tina Gauder

Ruth G – Mentor

As a beauty, holistic therapist for the past 25 years, I have been concentrating on the exterior of my clients, how to enhance their beauty and make them happier to face the world.

As time has gone on I have realised that this was all too superficial and what I needed to do was to make them happier from the inside out.

To take off that mask and if necessary, face those demons that were holding them back from the very best that they could be.

Soul work was calling and today I’m helping young souls either at the beginning of their spiritual journey or helping them to realise why they’re here and making the most of their soul’s journey.

Emma Greenaway

Wyrd Enchantress

My name is Emma Greenaway,

I am a Celtic Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot & Rune Reader & Shamanic Yoga Teacher. My journey began in 2009 & what a journey it has been & continues to be! My mission is to take my experience & use it to help you find your way…..

I combine my practices to guide you in finding your soul’s needs & purpose.

My therapies include Soul Retrieval, Soul Regression, Cord Cutting & Sound Healing.

My work with Runes accompanies me in all of my therapies, it never ceases to amaze me how they can illuminate the threads needed to be seen, in order to be cleared or understood.

My therapies will leave you feeling uplifted, lighter & with a higher perception of your life path.

I look forward to welcoming you into my sacred space…. Blessed be!

Pete Jones

PJ Hypnotherapy

Hi my name is Pete Jones and I am a qualified Hypnotherapist. As a career, Hypnotherapy fits well with my spiritual feelings, my ability to empathise and to help and support people.

Hypnosis is just part of the therapy that I offer, it also involves understanding the clients’ issues and then identifying the root cause or causes.

Some clients can be apprehensive and aren’t sure what to expect at first, but after the first session everyone says how relaxed it makes them feel and they look forward to the next session, if it is required of course. Each individual’s needs vary, and so do the services offered and the amount of sessions required, but this will always be discussed with you beforehand. Please contact me if you’d like more information or to discuss your needs.

Weight Management – Stress, Anxiety & Depression – Anger Management Improving Confidence – Fears & Phobias – Pain Management – Quitting Smoking – Driving Confidence

Angela Chamberlain

New Additions Ltd

My name is Angela Chamberlain, founder of New Additions Ltd. I am a Holistic Therapist and love working with people to help them heal and engage their spiritual side.

I can offer Reiki, Silent Counselling (rapid energy release) and Acupuncture.

I was an NHS midwife for 12 years but have now decided to follow my passion and become a Birth Keeper alongside my holistic therapies. I can support women and families before, during and after birth, alongside their NHS care or instead of.

I have always worked in a caring environment and have over 25 years experience in a caring role.

If you would like to know more about my Birth keeping services or any other services, I offer and how I could help you, please get in touch.

Lucy Stott


Hi, I’m Lucy, and I am passionate about mind-body medicine and am fascinated by how our thoughts, beliefs, actions and life events can shape us on a physical level.

Through my work as a Kinesiologist, I am committed to helping people understand the deeper meaning behind their condition. Kinesiology helps optimise your health and wellbeing by using muscle testing to gain information about your specific needs. Bio feedback from muscle testing will indicate what you need on a physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual level to achieve your goals and move towards greater wellbeing.

With its gentle and holistic approach, kinesiology works amazingly well at treating a broad range of health conditions covering emotional & mental, physical health and personal growth.

“It is widely accepted that stress leads to illness, Kinesiology goes that step further and identifies specifically what stressor is triggering a certain condition or complaint so that it can be addressed thoroughly and with compassion.”

To book Deborah’s services:

07879 636 830

Deborah Blackman

Heartscore Intuition

My first career was as a civil servant. I enjoyed it but in my thirties became increasingly interested in spiritual and metaphysical matters; no longer comfortable in my old role I re-trained as a counsellor/hypnotherapist and later as a Reiki Master Teacher.

My varied skills remove those old ways of thinking which have become blocks, resulting in greater self-esteem, expansiveness, prosperity, greater understanding and appreciation of yourself and of life. A recent client described it as Spiritual CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)!

  • Usui Reiki Healing cleanses and clears you on all levels, soothing your soul as well as your body (Reiki Training also available). Healing sessions can be a mixture of Reiki and “Spiritual CBT”.
  • A Spiritual Reading with me blows the dust off your inner self as I help you find a way forward and out of any ruts.
  • Running the Bars©: a Bars© session clears out the old gunk from your being, much like cleaning out the old files in your computer. The process is similar to a gentle head massage but the effects can be massive, deleting programming which may have accumulated within your energy field over many lifetimes.
Ryan The Heart Shaman

To book Ryan’s services:

07572 120 566

Ryan Jones

The Heart Shaman

I am a shamanic practitioner and shamanic mentor & have been on the shamanic path all my life. I really found my feet in shamanism when I travelled to the Amazon rainforest in Bolivia. I have worked with a number of plant medicines the main being mother Ayahuasca.

I offer a range of shamanic healings and teachings that have changed my life and will change yours. I specialise in shamanic journeying and also meditation for our younger generations. I run regular monthly groups, I have also worked within a school of young adults with learning disabilities and my work changed their path as well as teachers understanding of the mind. My work has very much changed the understanding of the power of Meditation and shamanic journeying. The healing I offer works on the physical body as well as the emotional and spiritual body. I work with a number of helping spirits that offer their healing and power through my work. These treatments can help with; Feeling stuck, Depression, Anxiety, Past and present issues, Relationship issues, Resistance in life, Trauma, Aches and pains in the body, Karma current life and past life.

I am offering the following healing sessions; Shamanic Crystal healing, Shamanic rattle healing, Shamanic journeying and healing, Channelled Spirit healing, Soul retrieval, Power animal retrieval, Forgiveness and cord cutting healing sessions, Chakra healing and balancing, Mapacho cleansing, Aura Cleansing and protection, Past life regression, Spiritual readings – psychometry and animal Oracle cards

I work from the heart and many experience complete bliss after each session. I will often integrate other parts of my healing into the session if needed. It’s important to understand that the healing I offer, is for you and it’s important for me that you leave with what you need and the support network. I will always take the time to work with you after each session. The healing I and spirit offer is very powerful and will help you reshape your life. It’s important to integrate the healing you have received and understand it’s medicine.

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Much love and respect,

The Heart Shaman

To book Dawn’s services:

07398 256 143

Dawn Fox

Solihull Sole Sanctuary

Hello, my name is Dawn Fox (MAR, CRM5 Dip, CNHC, GJC). I am a Level 5 qualified Clinical Reflexologist and Aromatherapeutic Massage Therapist. A member of the AOR (Association of Reflexologists) and CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council), I am the founder and owner of Solihull Sole Sanctuary based in Cheswick Green.

I provide the following treatments:

  • Full body massage
  • Head, neck, back and shoulder massage
  • Foot and hand reflexology
  • Maternity and fertility reflexology
  • Palliative reflexology
  • Baby and child reflexology
  • Baby and child massage

In addition to individual treatments, I run classes for parents and carers who wish to learn basic massage and reflexology techniques. The classes focus on alleviating the symptoms of childhood conditions such as; colic, reflux, digestive issues, sleep issues, teething and chest congestion.

Whilst the benefits of massage may be more widely recognised, the benefits of reflexology should not be underestimated. Both are ancient, holistic therapies that have been used for centuries to increase circulation, release toxins and tension and restore natural balance in the body.

Clients with digestive issues, kidney stones, plantar fasciitis, migraine, vertigo, tinnitus, insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, musculoskeletal pain and fibromyalgia have reported improvements. Therefore, if you are struggling with your physical or mental wellbeing or simply want to enjoy a relaxing treatment, I encourage you to do your own research or contact me to discuss how I may be able to help you.