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Perfect for Clearing away Negative Energy & Creating Positive Change

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Copal is a type of resin produced from plant or tree secretions, It is particularly associated with the culture of Mesoamerica as a ceremonially burned incense. The word copal is derived from the Nahuatl language word Copalli, meaning “incense”. It is sometimes likened to, or substituted for, amber and put in jewellery.
Copal is still used by a number of indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America as an incense and during sweat lodge ceremonies. Its magical qualities aid with the process of opening to the soul, to intuition and inspiration, it is thought to be food for the ancestors, a way of saying thank you.
The Mayans burnt Copal at sunrise to honour the Sun God with its beautiful golden colour. It is used today as a sacred offering to Gods and Goddesses. It has a sweet, warm, slightly hypnotic, woody and light aroma.

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