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Perfect For Chakra Balancing

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Gemstones have been used for centuries to heal. In ancient cultures, gemstone crystals were regarded as sacred gifts from Mother Earth.
Many believe that each gemstone emits different levels of emotional, mental and spiritual energy which can have many beneficial effects on our well being.

This Massage Wand has been created by bonding crystals relating to each of the 7 main chakras.

It can be used either directly onto the body, working in areas of physical pain or dis-ease as a massage tool or to clear energies by using it as a wand.

How to use a Crystal Wand:

Wands are perfect for clearing specific areas, for example clearing chakras, pointing toward physical pain or negative areas within a space.
Move the wand in a clockwise rotation, creating a vortex, then imagine you’re cutting away the energy or karma by making a ‘Z’ shape or whatever feels right for you – then say a little prayer of thanks for the healing/clearing.

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