Wow! Are you feeling ready to save the world yet?What! Not today?It’s a daunting prospect, isn’t it?So, let’s get our heads together. How do we set about saving the world? What’s the plan?Well, that’s where being a woman is different from being a man. This isn’t a Marvel comic story, written by men and populated by superheroes. We don’t need a Grand Plan, a truck-load of explosives, and the ability to shoot out metal talons from the ends of our fingers, in order to save the world. As Mother Teresa said, “There are many people who can do big things, but there are very few people who will do the small things.” It’s not about running for President, creating mega-corporations to build giant hospitals, or launching the war that defeats terrorism for ever. That’s guy-thinking.

So why haven’t you managed to do that? How come success seems to take such a long time – whatever you’re setting out to succeed in? Well, for one thing, when you look closer, that ‘overnight success’ you just got inspired by (or depressed by!) often has years of preparation behind it. Those network marketing stars turn out to have run half-a-dozen different businesses in the past. The Britain’s Got Talent star has been taking singing lessons since they were 8 years old. So Tony Robbins may be right – if you think you can achieve ‘overnight success’ like that, you may well end up disappointed. If you expect to do it overnight.

But he then went on to say that most people enormously under-estimate how much change they could create in 10 years. Think about it. If you’d started putting £5 a week into a savings account, 10 years ago, by now you’d have over £2500 worth of savings. Enough for a week of total pampering in a top spa. Or a really nice new sofa. And you’d hardly have missed it.If you’d started running or going regularly to the gym 10 years ago, how much fitter could you be today? If you’d set yourself to lose just a quarter-of-a-pound a week back then, by now you’d easily have lost more than 8 stones. Without hardly trying.

When we think of changing our lives, we often get overwhelmed by how massive the task seems. We read all those Zero to Hero stories on the internet and beat ourselves up for not doing the same. But Nature doesn’t work like that. Look at the trees this Springtime and realise that it’s maybe taken some of them longer than your whole lifetime to get that big, growing maybe 3 or 4 inches a year. What could you change in your life, if you allowed yourself 10 years to do it? And how easy could you make it for yourself if you decided to take baby-steps over time, rather than a great big jump?Spring-time is a great time to think about planting seeds of change. But when you do, think of acorns, rather than runner beans. Take it easy. Put down long, slow roots. And watch with joy as you slowly and steadily grow into something as magnificent and long-lasting as an oak-tree!

What seeds will you be planting this Springtime? Set your intentions and share them with us.