Pam Grout, the author of E-squared – one of the best-selling books ever aboutmanifesting, and the Law of Attraction – once wrote:
“Your allegiance to your old story is the only thing that gives it power over you.”

You’ve probably seen in your own life, or in the lives of others, just how powerful the old story can be. In Shakti Gawain’s book “Creative Visualisation,” she admits that she had nine relationships with substance-abusers before she spotted that she might have a pattern! Possibly, a bit of a slow learner, you can’t help thinking – but then,many of us have done something similar in other areas of our lives.

So we endlessly find ourselves with tyrannical bosses who don’t appreciate us. Or with noisy,inconsiderate neighbours. Or with clients who don’t pay us. Or with friends who seem to need endless support, to the point where we are utterly drained. There may be some lights flashing in your head, even as you read this!

Almost all of us are running unhelpful old stories in some part of our lives. So, how do you let go and move on? Because some of those old stories can be very tenacious! So how do we let go? The first step is to recognise that you have a repeating pattern, so there’s some kind of old story running. You may not be clear what it is, yet, but at least recognise that something is lurking at the back of your mind. The next step is to form a clear intention to let go. Because the truth is that it’s us who are holding on. The story isn’t holding onto you – it’s a story! It doesn’t have hands, claws, teeth, feet or anything else. You’re holding on to it. You may not see how, right now. But it has to be you who’s doing the holding on – because there’s nobody else inside your head! Ask for help from your Angels and Guides. And then take some clear steps to help yourself let go.

Write down everything about the situation. Just write and write. Draw pictures if you feel inspired. And then take it outside and set fire to it. Watch your story literally going up in smoke. (This can feel very therapeutic!) Or tear up your story into tiny bits and flush it away down the toilet. (This can feel even more therapeutic, especially if you’re releasing a relationship!) If you still feel attached to your story, try “Cutting the Ties that Bind” – a very helpful visualisation exercise, described in detail in the book by Phyllis Krystal. You could also try taking the Bach flower essence, Walnut, which is all about releasing the past. Reiki, Angel Therapy and other forms of Spiritual or Energy Healing can also be really useful. All it takes to get started is a decision. “Enough already! I’ve had it with this! It stops now!”

Take back your power and move forwards into a whole new story……… xx