Pendulum – 7 Chakra Slices


Crystal Meaning: 7 crystal slices representing each of the Seven main Chakras

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Pendulums are a great tool in order to access Divine guidance. They are so simple to use. You start by choosing a pendulum that you feel most drawn too. Then once you have it, you need to put your energy into it and spend time working out what direction means what to you. So ask your pendulum what ‘yes’ and ‘no’ means and see which direction it takes you. Start with questions that you know the answer to and go from there. You can also use them to clear blockages from your chakras. Just place it over the chakra and ask that the area be cleared. Wait until the pendulum changes to the correct direction (clockwise if looking at you from the front) The more you work with your pendulum, the more you will trust in the answers you are given.

About this Pendulum:

7 Slices of crystal representing each of the 7 Main Chakras:

Crown Chakra
Third Eye
Solar Plexus

Offering complete balance of energy in it’s uses

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