Pinolith Tumble Stone


Optimism & Balance – Calming – Imagination & Creativity

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Pinolith is believed to be a gemstone of optimism and balance, providing a soothing, calming effect, improving self-esteem while establishing equilibrium between emotions and intellect. Pinolith is thought to promote imagination and creativity by banishing negativity and encouraging clarity of mind for positive visualization. Metaphysical adherants credit pinolith with helping them attain the highest state of meditation, finding it a useful aid for relaxation.
Pinolith is believed to activate the crown chakra and open the heart chakra to sincere love. It conducts energies that turn on the third eye. Pinolith is aligned with the astrological sign of Aries. As one of the most rare and exotic geominerals in the world, the Pinolith Jasper is an abstract flower like stone that usually comes in black and white tones. … The Pinolith Jasper is a combination of Magnetite & Dolomite and it’s a relatively soft stone that’s commonly coated for protection.

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