Spiritual Development – 6 Week Course


Our Spiritual Development Courses are set generally over a 6 week period (meeting once a week)

What we cover is dependant upon the experience of the group. We offer complete beginners classes, right through to the more advanced.


Beginners Classes:

We cover The Energy Body & Chakras, Law of Attraction, Working with Angels & Archangels, the use of Crystals & Pendulums (dowsing) Aura Cleansing


Advanced Classes:

Depending upon the experience of the group, we cover topics such as working with Spirit, using Oracle Cards, The Quantum Field, Karmic Debt, Reading Auras, Kabbalah and working with Merkaba.


Each Course is Tailormade to the needs and experiences of the Group


We also offer other Workshops from time to time such as Numerology, Shamanic Development, Sound Healing and much more.

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