Psychic Development


Our Psychic Development Courses are set generally over a 6 week period (meeting once a week)

What we cover is dependant upon the experience of the group. We offer complete beginners classes, right through to the more advanced.


Beginners Classes:
Dependant upon the experience of the group, we cover Our Energy Field and tapping into others, Protecting Ourselves Energetically, Creating a Sacred Space, Connecting with Spirit, Using Oracle Cards, Pendulums, Signs that Spirit is around you, How to Communicate, Spiritual Boundaries, Psychometry, Meditation


Advanced Classes:

Keeping Yourself Safe, Learning to Read Cards, Connecting with Your Spirit Guides, Channelled Writing, Deepening Your Meditative State, Your Soul Journey, Clearing Karmic Debt, Strengthening Your Psychic Communication, Fine Tune Your Mediumship.


Each Course is Tailormade to the needs and experiences of the Group.


We also offer other Workshops from time to time such as Numerology, Shamanic Development, Sound Healing and much more.

Check out our Events Page for Details

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