Why is your life like it is? You could come up with a lot of different answers. But many of them would come down to the same thing – your life is like it is because of your past. You had a particular set of parents/carers. You grew up in one kind of environment and not another. You had those teachers. Your brothers and sisters either got on well with you, or didn’t. (Or you didn’t have any) You get the idea. So – your past has – to a large extent – determined your present.

But does it have to determine your future? For some people, the answer would be a definite YES. (Of course) You’ve probably heard the saying:“Some people live for 90 years.And some people live for just one year – but they do it 90 times over.”For these people, life settles into a rut. “But we always do Bingo on Tuesday!” These are people who are old before their time. They seem to stop learning and growing in their 20s or 30s and from then on, life is just an unchangeable routine until they die. You’ve probably met folk like this.

What’s the alternative? It’s to recognise that you always have more choices than you think you do. There’s a Jewish proverb that says, “When life offers just two choices, pick the third one!” Right now, you have the possibility of choosing differently from how you have done in the past. People do it all the time. Budding entrepreneurs set out to create a new business and turn around their finances.  Heroin addicts decide to stop using drugs. Women walk out of abusive relationships. Sick people read about a new therapy or a new lifestyle choice, choose differently, and become well against all the odds. So, what’s stopping you?

The first obstacle is realising that there is a choice. No matter what has happened in the past, you can decide to do things differently. And you can decide now. The second obstacle is thinking of alternatives. There’s a lot of talk about ‘thinking outside the box,’ but as someone once said, “Thinking is the box.” Einstein famously said that we couldn’t solve problems from the same level as the one we were at to cause them – and this is very true. Whenever you find yourself stuck in a loop, endlessly worrying about something or going through the same alternative solutions over and over, dismissing each one as impossible, it’s a clear sign of trying to solve a problem from the wrong level. So STOP!

Do something to change your mood, like dancing for 5 minutes to some very up beat music, going for a jog round the block or a walk to the shop. Then, sit down and breathe quietly for 5 minutes. Take flower essences if you’re very wound up. And then focus on your heart. Breathe quietly, keeping your attention on your heart. You may know the Bible quote, “Love casts out fear.” So focus on love until you feel it strongly. This is important, so take the time for it. Then, open up to guidance and ask for inspiration about your problem, staying focused on your heart the whole time. Stay in that Love-energy. You’ll come up with very different solutions, from a very different level. And you’ll find there is always a route to walk away from your past and start over.