What? Actually here? As in – where I’m sitting right now? Yes! 

For maybe 2000 years religious art and religious texts have been depicting Heaven as being up in the sky – maybe quite a long way up! After all, there’d be no need to send fiery flying chariots to take prophets there if it was basically like stepping through a door into the next room, would it? You don’t need a flying chariot to go into the kitchen! And why would angels need wings, unless they needed to fly into the sky?

But – as many mystics have pointed out – Heaven is here. Within us, as much as around us. That ‘still, small voice’ that guides us isn’t generally like someone yelling at us from upstairs, or even coming from the ceiling! We hear it in our hearts, in the inner quiet when we shut up long enough to listen.

All those paintings of God sitting on a cloud, surrounded by winged angels, have done us all something of a dis-service. They make it easy to feel that we’re cut off somehow, separated not only from God, but from all our loved ones who’ve passed over. They make praying seem a dodgy business, with an uncertain outcome, rather like trying to make a long-distance phone call to somewhere in the middle of the Sahara Desert. So, right now, just allow yourself to be aware that Heaven is here, right where you are. Just close your eyes for a moment, and let yourself feel it. Allow yourself to become aware that you are surrounded by angels, holding you in a vast energy of love. Right now, they are pouring in support for whatever you’re going through. Right this very moment, you are being loved. 

And all those you have loved, and who have gone before are close enough to speak to, close enough to know that you’re thinking about them, and to be sending love back to you. It’s all right here, right now – so just give yourself a minute to feel that love and support. And then, get on with your day with a lighter heart and a smile on your face – you’ve got Heaven on your side!