What colours do you like to wear? Do you ever have a day when you just have to wear pink? Or blue? Or green? It doesn’t matter if yesterday’s clothes are still clean. They just don’t fit your mood today. Today, only one particular colour is going to work for you.

Why is this?

Yes, we all know that there are some colours that look better on us than others. But it’s not just that. On a ‘pink’ day, we may want to wear pink even if we have clothes that we know suit us better. It’s not to do with what’s in fashion, either. We just feel pink. It turns out that we’re naturally drawn to the colours that are strong in our aura. So, on your ‘pink’ day, a clairvoyant would see swirls of pink energy pulsing through your auric energy field. If you can’t see auras yourself and you’ve only seen pictures of them, or the kinds of aura photographs you sometimes get at mind, body and spirit events, you probably don’t realise how much the colours in your aura move and change, from moment to moment.

The photos give you the impression that your aura is fixed in the same way that your face is. But have you ever watched petrol rainbows swirling in a puddle? Or seen the colours change in a bubble? That’s how fast the colours change and move in your aura. Your every passing emotion is literally flashed up in your energy field. At the same time, you go through phases in your life when your aura has a lot of one particular colour. You get a new professional job, with lots of responsibility – and your aura may have lots of blue in it for weeks – or even years. You start healing an old issue and the amount of purple in your aura may suddenly increase a lot. Suddenly wanting to wear very different colours can be a strong indicator that one phase of your life is ending, and a new one beginning.

So what do the different colours mean?

  • Black – this isn’t usually an indicator that your aura is black! It’s generally a sign that you don’t want other people to see who you are. This may be just because you’re being professional and wearing your ‘work face.’ But it can be because you feel a bit vulnerable and you don’t necessarily want other people to see that.
  • Grey – again, not generally an indicator of a grey aura – but a desire to be a bit anonymous, not to be noticed. Wearing grey is generally, like black, a way of hiding who you are.
  • Pink – This goes with having an open heart. It’s generally to do with feeling loving, happy and gentle. People with a lot of pink in their aura are often real ‘people’ people.
  • Red – a high energy colour, that reflects having a lot of vitality and motivation. People with very red auras can be dynamos – real go-for-it people. They’re zappy, and can be snappy.
  • Dark blue – this is a fairly serious colour, and shows the ability to focus. More of a royal blue can also be an indicator of spiritual devotion.
  • Light blue – people with a lot of light blue in their aura are the natural peace-makers who are really good at pouring oil on troubled waters and calming other people down. They are often good at seeing things clearly, cutting through complications.
  • Turquoise – this carries the energy of creativity. People whose auras are very turquoise seem to have a non-stop flow of good ideas!
  • Light green – we’re often drawn to light green when positive changes are coming into our lives. It’s a colour of optimism and feeling good about the future.
  • Darker green – a rebalancing colour. We’re often drawn to green when we’re coming back into balance after a time of stress or when we’re healing.
  • Purple – people who wear a lot of purple are often going through inner healing. Old stuff from the past is being dealt with and they are regaining more and more of their own power as they release old stories. Having gone through this, they often develop the ability to heal others, so people developing a healing gift often feel very drawn to wearing purple, especially the lighter shades.
  • Orange – this is a joyful colour that helps to connect you to other people. People who wear a lot of orange may be the life and soul of the party – or they may be the quiet orange people who just feel a deep connection to Nature.
  • Yellow – People with a lot of yellow in their aura are often very thoughtful, as it’s a very mental colour. They can be very determined and good at making decisions.