How do you think Feng Shui got started? What gave people the idea that some places were better than other places for building a home? And that how you organised the furniture and what colour you painted the walls could affect your life beyond the home? Do you think someone channelled the information from friendly angels? Or did it come from local superstitions and old wives’ tales?

I don’t think so. Because sensing the energy in a place is something we can all do. You’ve surely had the experience of walking into a house, a school, or a workplace, and feeling that the energy there was horrible? Some places simply feel hostile, or dead, even when there’s no obvious reason why. They may be nicely decorated and full of fashionable furniture but…… yuk! On the other hand, most people have felt that some places were sacred or special. And that some places make you feel instantly at home, welcomed and totally safe.It’s the same in your own home. One way in which you can tell your energy has shifted is when you quite suddenly want to redecorate. You’ve loved your pink living room for years, but all at once, you want it yellow. In fact, you can’t get enough yellow. (Or green, or blue, or whatever you’ve become attuned to.) You’d like your bathroom that colour too. And maybe a different shade of it in the bedroom….

You’ve perhaps heard of ‘horse whisperers’ – people who can apparently communicate with horses. They can calm down nervous or stressed horses and can tame wild horses that no-one else have been able to go near. Well, I’d like to suggest a new idea – ‘house whisperers.’ These are people who are very tuned in to the energy of places and can sense what wants to be there. How does the energy in this place feel as if it should be flowing, could be flowing? And how would I have to change things to get that optimal energy flow going? We’re all house whisperers. But some of us have the volume turned way down, while others are really listening. Look around your house or you workplace this week with new eyes. Try tuning into the way that the energy flows. Once you start to sense that, clutter clearing suddenly becomes more than a New Age idea. You can feel the sense in it.

If – as soon as you walk through your door – you have to turn sideways to navigate past a bicycle, an over-stuffed coat rack, and a pile of sports equipment, you can feel for yourself that your house is almost trying to push you (and your visitors) back out the door, rather than welcoming you in. Play about with this idea this week and turn up the volume on your inner house whisperer!
What things do you do to help clear the clutter?
I love it when I’ve cleaned the house from top to bottom, opened all the windows, saged every room and then sit down, light some candles and celebrate with a glass of wine – Heaven!